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May 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I have added new pages.
The videos page is not organized properly yet but will be shortly. I plan to categorize videos section into politics and war, music videos, etc
The other pages include key economic data of Pakistan, India and Brazil. I included Brazil because it is somewhat comparable in population, resources (excluding the recent discovery of oil offshore) to Pakistan. But it is important to look at India’s economic stats as well.
If too many numbers overwhelm or some don’t make sense, plz refer to your Econ 101 book.
Keep in mind that some numbers such as Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) GDP or Budget ( Revenues and Expenses) are important indicators of the real wealth and health of the people and economy respectively. You should look at other figures as well to get a complete picture.
The source for the data is the CIA World Factbook. You can visit the website at:
It is a rich source of information and a very credible one. If you are allergic to the word ‘CIA’, you can check sources such as the IMF, World Bank or Central Banks of relevant countries. The information in the CIA factbook is largely consistent with most other credible sources.


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